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July 2020 Newsletter

Protect your right to housing and health during this global pandemic

MFHC Staff Attorney Job Opening

The Massachusetts Fair Housing Center is hiring a staff attorney. See attached description.

A Statement on Racial Injustice by the Board and Staff of the Massachusetts Fair Housing Center

2019 MFHC Año en revisión

Vea nuestros principales logros de 2019.

Como la ley protege los derechos de vivienda de sobrevivientes de violencia domestica?

October Newsletter
Boletín de octubre de 2019

¡Vea nuestro boletín reciente para el Mes de concientización sobre la violencia doméstica, con una entrevista con Carmen Nieves, directora ejecutiva de Womanshelter / Compañeras!

Boletín de septiembre de 2019

Presenta una actualización de un caso reciente y una entrevista con un portavoz legal de AmeriCorps.

MFHC Legal Director Speaks in Favor of Recovery Home

MFHC Legal Director, Ashley Grant, spoke in support of a group home at Tuesday's Holyoke City Council meeting, saying discrimination against group homes violates the Fair Housing Act, which protects people with disabilities, including people in recovery. She also mentioned research that shows that there is no decrease to surrounding property values with the introduction of a group home, and that group homes can be successfully integrated into the community.

2018 - Año en revisión

Una mirada retrospectiva a 2018 y nuestros principales logros.