July 2020 Newsletter

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MFHC Staff Attorney Job Opening

The Massachusetts Fair Housing Center is hiring a staff attorney. See attached description.

A Statement on Racial Injustice by the Board and Staff of the Massachusetts Fair Housing Center

2019 MFHC Year in Review

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MFHC in the News: Housing advocacy group sues state over lead law

“Unfortunately, this section of the Lead Law — which was intended to protect families with children under age six — has harmed them instead,” the lawsuit alleges. “It incentivizes landlords to violate the law: either by refusing to rent to these families, by imposing different terms and conditions on these families, or by refusing to delead their properties before renting to these families, who are unjustly forced to choose between housing and the health of their children.”

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MFHC files federal civil rights action to end housing discrimination against families with children under the Massachusetts Lead Law.

On Nov. 20, 2019, we filed a complaint in federal court to challenge the discriminatory terms of the lead law that requires property owners to engage in lead abatement only when a child under age six resides in a unit. This has caused massive housing discrimination against families with children under age six and failed to achieve significant deleading of the pre-1978 housing market. According to state agencies, since the law was passed in 1971, only ~ 10 percent of pre-1978 housing has undergone any deleading activity, leaving children at risk of lead poisoning in 1.8 million dwellings. Our goal is to have the legislature amend the Lead Law to remove the discriminatory provision and replace it with a nondiscriminatory policy that will achieve universal preventive deleading and finally end childhood lead poisoning in Massachusetts.

October Newsletter
October 2019 Newsletter

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MFHC Legal Director Speaks in Favor of Recovery Home

MFHC Legal Director, Ashley Grant, spoke in support of a group home at Tuesday's Holyoke City Council meeting, saying discrimination against group homes violates the Fair Housing Act, which protects people with disabilities, including people in recovery. She also mentioned research that shows that there is no decrease to surrounding property values with the introduction of a group home, and that group homes can be successfully integrated into the community.