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2021 Year in Review

We've been busy this past year! Check out our 2021 year in review to learn more about the work we've been doing locally and statewide.

2021 Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Week

MFHC's October newsletter

Press Release
MFHC celebrates early victory in suit to end lead-paint-related discrimination against families

April 2021 Newsletter

Commemorating Fair Housing Month

MFHC in Solidarity with the AAPI Community

lead paint
Bill filed in MA that would make long-overdue changes to the MA Lead Law

It is time to strengthen the MA Lead Law to fully protect our youngest and most vulnerable residents from childhood lead poisoning, housing discrimination, evictions, and racial injustice.

disparate impact
Breaking News in MFHC’s case against HUD: Disparate Impact survives!

Last night, a federal judge in Springfield, Massachusetts issued a nationwide Preliminary Injunction to prevent implementation of HUD’s new Disparate Impact Rule. The Court ruled that there was a likelihood of success on the merits of MFHC’s claim and that if the Rule were enacted it could cause irreparable harm to MFHC. Further, the Court observed that HUD’s new rule represented a “massive overhaul” of its 2013 Disparate Impact Rule and that HUD’s justifications for changing the rule were inadequate. We are immensely grateful for this ruling to preserve access to justice for all victims of housing policies that have a discriminatory effect. We also applaud our brilliant attorneys at Lawyers for Civil Rights and Anderson & Kreiger LLP for this stunning victory.

2019 MFHC Año en revisión

Vea nuestros principales logros de 2019.

Como la ley protege los derechos de vivienda de sobrevivientes de violencia domestica?

October Newsletter
Boletín de octubre de 2019

¡Vea nuestro boletín reciente para el Mes de concientización sobre la violencia doméstica, con una entrevista con Carmen Nieves, directora ejecutiva de Womanshelter / Compañeras!

Boletín de septiembre de 2019

Presenta una actualización de un caso reciente y una entrevista con un portavoz legal de AmeriCorps.

2018 - Año en revisión

Una mirada retrospectiva a 2018 y nuestros principales logros.